Bothalia: African Biodiversity & Conservation (Oct 1995)

Studies in the Marchantiales (Hepaticae) from southern Africa. 8. The genus <i>Plagiochasma</i> (Aytoniaceae: Aytonioideae) and six local taxa

  • S. M. Perold

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 25, no. 1
pp. 13 – 29


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A taxonomic account is given ot the genus Plagiochasma Lehm. & Lindenh. and its two subgenera. Micropvlum Bischl. and Plagiochasma. The first subgenus is represented in southern Africa by P. rupestre var. rupestre (J.R. & G. Forst.) Steph. and P. rupestre var. volkii Bischl.: the second by P. appendiculatum Lehm. & Lindenb. (newly recorded for the region). P. heccarianum Steph.. P eximium (Schiffn.) Steph. and P. microcephalum (Steph.) Steph. var. microcephalum. Descriptions and illustrations of these taxa together with distribution maps and a key to the subgenera and species are provided.