Antarctic Record (Jul 1989)

Outline of the earth science programs at Asuka Station by the 28th Japanese Antarctic Research Expedition in 1987

  • Kazuo Shibuya,
  • Ryoki Sakai

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 33, no. 2
pp. 269 – 292


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During the wintering season of the 28th Japanese Antarctic Research Expedition, we concentrated on observations of solid earth geophysics at Asuka Station and in the Sφr Rondane Mountains region. The item of observation includes : (1) GPS interferometry for determining geoid height at L0 point, elevation above sea level at the Seal geodetic control station, performance test of the accuracy of the baseline length determination as compared with those by optical distance meter and NNSS translocation, (2) airborne proton magnetic survey and radio-echo sounding by Pilatus Porter PC-6,and surface feature recording by Cessna 185F, (3) 6 months' earth tide observation by the use of a LaCoste & Romberg G-type gravity meter, (4) gravity measurement on the L- and AB-routes at intervals of 1km, (5) installation of a geomagnetic control station at the Seal Rock, (6) total magnetic intensity and magnetic susceptibility measurements on the AB-route and/or selected several stations in the region concerned, (7) seismic observation by arrayed 12 seismographs in the area 500m by 1200m to the south of Asuka Station. This report briefly describes objective, method, technical problem, etc. of each item of observation.