Nature Environment and Pollution Technology (Sep 2019)

Influence of Rainfall as an Environmental Factor on the Distribution of Faunal Biodiversity in Nallamala Forest (Kurnool District), Andhra Pradesh

  • M. Nagabhushan Reddy, P. Kavitha, T. Baleeswaramma and K. Nirosha

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 18, no. 3
pp. 1001 – 1004


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Climate change ordinarily indicates a change in behaviour of the weather elements over an area during a time span. The change is attributable directly or indirectly to human activities or the natural causes that have the effect of altering the atmospheric composition. One aspect of this complexity is that climate change will impact unevenly across the ecosystems that prove vulnerable to climate changes. Biodiversity means variation of life forms within a given ecosystem. The present work attempts to trace down the nature of interrelationship between the climate change and faunal biodiversity especially with regard to rainfall variations in Nallamala forest (Kurnool district) of Andhra Pradesh. Rainfall is also one of the limiting factors of the species expansion that determines its distribution in boundaries of the area. The trend of rainfall time-series data indicates a decreasing trend in the rainfall pattern over forest and agricultural and grassland areas from 2014 along with northern, central and southern Western Ghats.