Research in Learning Technology (Dec 2002)


  • Philip Barker,
  • Sue Fowell,
  • Peter Funnell,
  • Bruce Ingraham,
  • Nora Mogey,
  • Terry Goodison,
  • John O'Donoghue

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 10, no. 1


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The utility of computers as learning resources is now well established. They can be used as standalone devices to explore various localized phenomena or they can be networked together to facilitate the creation of global learning communities. Between these two extremes, a variety of possibilities exist for using computer and communications technologies for the support of teaching and learning processes. More often than not, some form of courseware material will usually be needed to facilitate these pedagogic applications of computers. The creation of this educational software is no simple task and, if it is to be effective, requires careful design. This book by Alan Clarke discusses some of the important issues that need to be considered when designing computer-based learning (CBL) materials for use in different contexts.