Journal of Apicultural Science (Jun 2017)

Mineral Composition of Selected Serbian Propolis Samples

  • Tosic Snezana,
  • Stojanovic Gordana,
  • Mitic Snezana,
  • Pavlovic Aleksandra,
  • Alagic Sladjana

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 61, no. 1
pp. 5 – 15


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The aim of this work was to determine the content of 22 macro- and microelements in ten raw Serbian propolis samples which differ in geographical and botanical origin as well as in polluted agent contents by atomic emission spectrometry with inductively coupled plasma (ICP-OES). The macroelements were more common and present Ca content was the highest while Na content the lowest. Among the studied essential trace elements Fe was the most common element. The levels of toxic elements (Pb, Cd, As and Hg) were also analyzed, since they were possible environmental contaminants that could be transferred into propolis products for human consumption. As and Hg were not detected in any of the analyzed samples but a high level of Pb (2.0-9.7 mg/kg) was detected and only selected portions of raw propolis could be used to produce natural medicines and dietary supplements for humans. Obtained results were statistically analyzed, and the examined samples showed a wide range of element content.