ISPRS International Journal of Geo-Information (Mar 2023)

Analysis of Spatial-Temporal Evolution Pattern and Its Influencing Factors of Warehouse Supermarkets in Liaoning Province

  • Hao Huang,
  • Di Li,
  • Zenglin Han,
  • Hao Zhang,
  • Hongye Wang,
  • Ye Duan

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 12, no. 131
p. 131


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Based on the data of existing warehouse supermarkets in Liaoning Province, China, spatial autocorrelation analysis, kernel density analysis, composite correlation coefficient analysis and other methods have been adopted to analyze their spatial-temporal evolution pattern to reflect the general law of the development of China’s existing warehouse supermarkets and fill the gap in this research field. The results show that the spatial distribution of warehouse supermarkets in Liaoning Province is extremely uneven, and areas with high nuclear density are distributed along the “Shenyang-Dalian” line belonging to the aggregation distribution. The Lorentz curve shows a downward trend with a large degree of spatial imbalance, that is, the regional concentration of warehouse supermarkets is high. Through global and local autocorrelation analysis, the regions with similar development levels of warehouse supermarkets in Liaoning Province tend to gather together, and the spatial distribution has a strong correlation. The distribution of warehousing supermarkets in Liaoning Province is affected by traffic location conditions, economic conditions, population quantity and population density, the number of urban functional areas, policy conditions and the role of the government, especially by economic conditions.