The Mexica Ceremonial Music

Anuario Musical. 2018;0(73):37-52 DOI 10.3989/anuariomusical.2018.73.03


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José Antonio Guzmán Bravo (UNAM)


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The article deals with the relation of music and society in the Mexica cultural context, the ritual schools to teach and organize the temple’s services, as well as with the diverse types of teachers and types of instruction given at the temples. The dances dedicated to specific deities as prescribed by the Ceremonial Calendar (Cempoalapohualli), predestination for musical destiny as given by the Divinatory Calendar (Tonalpohualli), and the personal services given by the young people to the temples: watch over night, gather firewood, keep the bonfires, perform the different dances and songs as prescribed by the liturgy. The ritual use of hallucinogenic plants. And the prehispanic musical instruments.