Economic Principles of Mining Region Sustainable Development

E3S Web of Conferences. 2018;41:04010 DOI 10.1051/e3sconf/20184104010


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Zhironkin Sergey

Khloptsov Dmitriy

Skrylnikova Natalya

Petinenko Irina

Zhironkina Olga


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The concept of sustainable development in comparison with other paradigms was the most acceptable, from the point of view of determining the development strategy of society, in the medium and long term. Due to that, such important trends in science and practice as the restructuring and modernization of the economy, energy efficiency, environmental security, "green economy", etc. have been developed. One of the most important areas of research, important both for science and practice, is the measurement sustainability of development using the system of indicators. The quantitative measurement of sustainability makes it possible to shape strategies for the development of countries and regions, taking into account the ecological, social factors that previously could not even compete with economic factors. For Russia, this is important from different perspectives. Among the main reasons there is a significant differentiation of regions in terms of development level and the predominance of "raw materials" in the structure of the economy of many regions. Rational use of natural resources is a necessary condition for the sustainable development of any state or region.