Ekonomiczne Problemy Usług (Jan 2017)

Możliwości wykorzystania analizy sentymentu w procesach prosumenckich

  • Tomasz Turek

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 126


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The development of the Web 2.0 Internet has caused a paradigm shift in the Commu­nication Network. Currently, content generated by customers is the source of an essential data for companies, which can in this way adapt the best for the needs offer. Automatic analysis of data and texts of a qualitative nature, is posibble thanks to sentiment analysis methods. The obtained results allow to optimize production, logistics, trade and promotion processes. As a result, cus­tomer reviews affect the final shape of the products and services. The aim of the article it is to present the basic possibilities of using sentiment analysis in prosumption processes. In the first part of the article the essence of sentiment analysis and its main methods are explained. In the next part of the study attention was put to the presumption's phenomenon on Web 2.0 Internet. The third part of the article points to the sources of data for analysis of sentiment in the presumption's processes.