Acta Iuris Stetinensis (Jan 2015)

Przedmiot czynności wykonawczej przestępstwa z art. 151 Kodeksu karnego

  • Konrad Burdziak

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 10


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Art. 151 P.C. says that one who, by persuasion or assistance makes a human to taketheir life, is punishable by imprisonment of 3 months to 5 years. Extremely syntheticframe of the above rule results in many interpretational problems of its contents. Anespecially big problem is determining, if it is possible to qualify the perpetrator’s deedleading to a person taking their own life, while not being able to recognize the significanceof their actions. The author believes that this is an only acceptable option for thiskind of behavior. This solution is not fully satisfying, that is why reforming art. 151 P.Cshould be carefully considered. Translated by Tomasz Kaszuba