Journal of Fuzzy Extension and Applications (Mar 2020)

Application of transportation problem under pentagonal neutrosophic environment

  • Sapan Kumar Das

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 1, no. 1
pp. 27 – 40


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The paper talks about the pentagonal Neutrosophic sets and its operational law. The paper presents the cut of single valued pentagonal Neutrosophic numbers and additionally introduced the arithmetic operation of single-valued pentagonal Neutrosophic numbers. Here, we consider a transportation problem with pentagonal Neutrosophic numbers where the supply, demand and transportation cost is uncertain. Taking the benefits of the properties of ranking functions, our model can be changed into a relating deterministic form, which can be illuminated by any method. Our strategy is easy to assess the issue and can rank different sort of pentagonal Neutrosophic numbers. To legitimize the proposed technique, some numerical tests are given to show the adequacy of the new model.