International Journal of Computational Intelligence Systems (Oct 2011)

Splitting Computation of Answer Set Program and Its Application on E-service

  • Bo Yang,
  • Ying Zhang,
  • Mingyi Zhang,
  • Maonian Wu

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 4, no. 5


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As a primary means for representing and reasoning about knowledge, Answer Set Programming (ASP) has been applying in many areas such as planning, decision making, fault diagnosing and increasingly prevalent e-service. Based on the stable model semantics of logic programming, ASP can be used to solve various combinatorial search problems by finding the answer sets of logic programs which declaratively describe the problems. It’s not an easy task to compute answer sets of a logic program using Gelfond and Lifschitz’s definition directly. In this paper, we show some results on characterization of answer sets of a logic program with constraints, and propose a way to split a program into several non-intersecting parts step by step, thus the computation of answer sets for every subprogram becomes relatively easy. To instantiate our splitting computation theory, an example about personalized product configuration in e-retailing is given to show the effectiveness of our method.