Yafteh (Jan 2004)

Affect of zinc inhalation on body organisms in a mine

  • mostafa Ghanei,
  • seyed ali asghar Moshtagi,
  • zahra Changizi,
  • manizhe Takhti,
  • seyed hasan Saadat

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 5, no. 4
pp. 51 – 56


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Introduction: Complications of zinc poisoning are analyzed in several studies. Among these, pulmonary fibrosis are reported. There is some doubts about chronic complications of zinc inhalation. Precise screening programs in zinc mine workers need previous knowledge of relative frequency of chronic complications due to zinc inhalation. So this study is held to recognize the complications and to find appropriate screening tests. Materials & Methods: Based on a Descriptive study, 400 zinc mine workers near the city of Isfahan were examined and laboratory data were collected. Findings: Mean duration of working was 8.2 years. About 36% of workers suffered from Diastolic hypertension (PB > 80 mmHg). 22% of workers complained of exertional dyspnea but pulmonary function tests abnormality was about 9% .Mean level of zinc serum was 7.99 μgr/dl and zinc toxicity was detected in 13% of them. Density of 13% zinc toxicity and hypertension of 36% is a complication of zinc toxicity in cardiovascular system. Respiratory complications due to zinc inhalation are seen as restrictive pulmonary lesions. Conclusion: The main screening should be focused on monthly blood pressure measurement and measurement of lungs capacity and yearly measurement of zinc in urine and red blood cells.