Designing a lessons learned model to improve the success of new product development in project oriented organizations

Management Science Letters. 2016;6(12):759-766 DOI 10.5267/j.msl.2016.10.004


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Journal Title: Management Science Letters

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Publisher: Growing Science

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Ahmad Norang
Seyed Mirahmad Nooshin


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Nowadays, project-based organizations need to utilize intellectual capital and knowledge to become leader in their business activities. The new approach to use knowledge based skills from one side and development of the new complicated products from the other side have increased the need for designing a lessons learned model. The purpose of this paper is to design a lessons learned model to improve the success of new product development for project oriented organizations. The study designs a questionnaire in Likert scale and distributes it among 56 experts who were well informed about various techniques of new product development and lessons learned. Cronbach alphas for all components of the survey were well above the desirable level. The results of the survey have indicated that there were positive and meaningful relationships between lessons learned components and the success of the new product development.