Historiografie hladomoru na Ukrajině v letech 1932–1933. Odraz ukrajinské tragédie v sovětské a západní historiografii v době studené války jako zdroj pro porozumění kontroverzní diskusi o hladomoru v současné historické debatě / Historiography of the famine in Ukraine in 1932-1933. Reflections of the ukrainian tragedy in the soviet and western histiography in times of cold war as a source for an understanding of the controversial discussion about famine in current historical debate

Historie - Otázky - Problémy. 2016;8(2):118-129


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Journal Title: Historie - Otázky - Problémy

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Stanislav Tumis (Department of East European Studies, Faculty of Arts, Charles University)


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The subject matter of this study is an effort to understand how the research on famine in the Western and Eastern milieu in times of the Cold War has influenced the current debate as the topic of famine has become part of the worldwide discussion. It helped to form two general paradigms of famine interpretations which can be entitled Ukrainian/Western model and Soviet/Russian model.