Журнал інженерних наук (Jun 2020)

Investigation of Parameters Affecting Underwater Communication Channel

  • Aydin S.,
  • Onur T. O.

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 7, no. 1
pp. F39 – F44


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Underwater communication has become a widely studied area in recent years and showed great potential to be an area of research. Acoustic communication is often preferred in underwater communication due to its suitability for an underwater diffusion environment. However, in underwater communication, the physical and chemical properties of the water environment affect sound propagation. Therefore, determining and examining parameters affecting channel performance in underwater communication plays an essential role in inefficient communication. In this study, the effects of salinity, depth, noise, temperature, and frequency parameters for the underwater channel model are examined. By determining the effects of these parameters on spherical and cylindrical propagation, suitable propagation geometry and parameter values for an efficient channel are investigated. In light of the results obtained, in case of studying in a limited area, the path and absorption losses can be reduced by selecting cylindrical propagation as a geometrical propagation model, thereby an efficient channel model can be formed.