Reliability monitoring of broadband access networks

Journal of KONBiN. 2017;42(1):273-282 DOI 10.1515/jok-2017-0029


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Journal Title: Journal of KONBiN

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Perlicki Krzysztof (Politechnika Warszawska, Wydział Elektroniki i Technik Informacyjnych)
Siergiejczyk Mirosław (Politechnika Warszawska, Wydział Transportu)
Stawowy Marek (Politechnika Warszawska, Wydział Transportu)


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One of the critical issues for broadband accesss is how to test the access network infrastructure and quality of optical signal. The installation and powering up of an optical fiber access networks requires measurement techniques for verifying the link has been configured properly and that its constituent components are functioning correctly. Maintenance functions for a broadband optical access network are classified in two main categories: preventive maintenance and post-fault maintenance. The first one consists of: surveillance (to detect degradation in optical fiber components, or any other anomalous condition not preventing the signal transmission,), testing (to measure and locate any detected degradation or anomalous condition) and control (fiber identification and fiber transfer to allow the testing of the link.). In turn second one consisits of: surveillance (to detect alarms or trouble reports and activate a procedure for restoration), testing (to locate the fault and/or verify the carrier performances after the restoration) and remedy (fiber identification, fiber repair or fiber transfer to restore the link).