Priorities in the State Policy of Unshadowing the National Economy of Ukraine at the Present Stage of Development

Problemi Ekonomiki. 2016;4:35-40


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Journal Title: Problemi Ekonomiki

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Publisher: PH "INZHEK"

Society/Institution: Research Centre for Industrial Problems of Development of NAS of Ukraine

LCC Subject Category: Social Sciences: Finance | Social Sciences: Economic theory. Demography: Economics as a science

Country of publisher: Ukraine

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Avhustyn Ruslan R. (Candidate of Sciences (Economics), Associate Professor, Department State and Municipal Management, Ternopil National Economic University)


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The aim of the article is to justify the priorities of the state policy of unshadowing the national economy in the system of basic characteristics of the state economic security at the present stage of development. There made a conclusion about the perspectiveness of aligning the policy of economy unshadowing with forming a viable system of economic security of Ukraine, which allows to achieve a synergistic effect oriented both towards counteraction to the shadowing of economic relations and comprehensive enhancement of key parameters of the state economic security, including through the economy unshadowing. Consequently, the strategic priorities are defined in the following areas: (1) self-sufficiency of economic development and provision of the policy of economy unshadowing (forming the environment of perception of the shadow economy, resource support and an information and analytical system of economy unshadowing; introducing effective foreign technologies; increasing the efficiency in the regulatory sphere); (2) stability of the economic system and high capacity of the policy of economy unshadowing (legalization of the national economy in the branch-sectoral as well as spatial and structural aspects by structural elements of the state security, in the financial system and the internal market); (3) ability of the economy to develop and realize the potential of the policy of economy unshadowing (building the infrastructure; introducing «fuses» of control, human and intellectual, investment and innovation support of the economy unshadowing)