Akofena (Jun 2024)

The Concept of the End of History According to Alexander Dugin: or Towards a Multipolar World


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Vol. 05, no. 012


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Abstract: After the end of the Cold War, and the fall of what was known as the Soviet Union, signs of the new world began, represented in the American model most present in the writings of thinkers and philosophers such as the American philosopher Francis Fukuyama. Who presented his thesis on the end of history, as an inevitable end to the course of history, and considered democracy the ideal political model. The thesis was until recently the most present and influential. Revolutionary ideas began to appear against the American model, a revolution represented in the economic dimension, and this is what is represented today by the awakening of the Chinese dragon, and The revival of the Russian nation through the most influential philosophical ideas on Russian politics today, and the spread of the idea of Eurasianism, or the land civilization in the face of the water civilization, represented in the philosophy of Alexander Dugin Keywords: Political theory; Eurasian; end of history; democracy; liberal