Confins (Sep 2017)

Gênese e formação histórica do território potiguar: uma breve análise a partir da cartografia

  • Rubenilson Brazão Teixeira



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The genesis and historical formation of the territory are a complex phenomenon, resulting from social, economic, political and environmental factors, among others. We analyze, in this work, how the territory of the present State of Rio Grande do Norte started to be occupied and developed from the beginning of the Portuguese colonization to the present day. Since it is a complex phenomenon, spanning through a long period of time in this work, we adopted a necessarily panoramic approach, emphasizing three particular aspects, certainly not exhaustive, but which allow us to understand how this state was formed along time: 1) the political and administrative formation of this territory, its limits and divisions; 2) the occupation process of the non-Indian population and their growth; 3) the emergence of urban nuclei and the development of their urban categories. In order to do that, we based mainly, but not exclusively, upon cartography.