Electronic Journal of Differential Equations (Jan 2021)

Existence and blow up of solutions for a strongly damped Petrovsky equation with variable-exponent nonlinearities

  • Stanislav Antontsev,
  • Jorge Ferreira,
  • Erhan Piskin

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 2021, no. 06,
pp. 1 – 18


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In this article, we consider a nonlinear plate (or beam) Petrovsky equation with strong damping and source terms with variable exponents. By using the Banach contraction mapping principle we obtain local weak solutions, under suitable assumptions on the variable exponents p(.) and q(.). Then we show that the solution is global if p(.) ≥ q(.). Also, we prove that a solution with negative initial energy and p(.)<q(.) blows up in finite time.