Advances in Electrical and Computer Engineering (May 2017)

A New Optimized Model to Handle Temporal Data using Open Source Database

  • KUMAR, S.,
  • RISHI, R.

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 17, no. 2
pp. 55 – 60


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The majority of the database applications now a days deal with temporal data. Temporal records are known to change during the course of time and facilities to manage the multiple snapshots of these records are generally missing in conventional databases. Consequently, different temporal data models have been proposed and implemented as an extension of the temporal less database systems. In the single relation model, the present and past instances are stored in a single relation that makes its handling cumbersome and inefficient. This paper emphasize upon storing the past instances of the records in the multiple historical relations. The current relations will manage the recent snapshot of data. The tuple time stamping approach is used to timestamp the temporal records. This paper proposes a temporal model for the management of time varying data built on the top of conventional open source database. Indexing is used to enhance the performance of the model. The proposed model is also compared with the single relation model.