EPJ Web of Conferences (2013-11-01)

Absolute Kα line spectroscopy for cone-guided fast-ignition targets

  • Nishimura H.,
  • Zhang Z.,
  • Namimoto T.,
  • Fujioka S.,
  • Koga M.,
  • Shiraga H.,
  • Ozaki T.,
  • Iwawaki T.,
  • Morioka T.,
  • Morita K.,
  • Habara H.,
  • Tanaka K.A.,
  • Nishikino M.,
  • Kawachi T.,
  • Sagisaka A.,
  • Orimo S.,
  • Pirozhkov A.S.,
  • Ogura K.,
  • Yogo A.,
  • Kiriyama H.,
  • Kondo K.,
  • Shimomura T.,
  • Kanazawa S.,
  • Okano Y.,
  • Azechi H.

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 59
p. 13008


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Absolute Kα line spectroscopy is proposed to study laser-plasma interactions taking place in cone-guided fast ignition targets. A transmission-type spectrometer was developed, and its absolute sensitivity was measured with laser-generated x-rays and radioisotopes, showing good agreement with theoretical predictions. The absolute yield of Au Kα line was mesured in the fast ignition experimental campaign perfomed at ILE, Osaka University. Assuming a single Maxwellian electron spectrum and one-way travel of hot electrons through the cone, energy transfer efficiency of incident LFEX laser to hot electrons was derived.