Pensamiento. Revista de Investigación e Información Filosófica (May 2013)

Identity, Globalization and Pluralism in the Postmodern Condition

  • Diego Bermejo

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 68, no. 257
pp. 445 – 475


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Identity has turned nowadays into a burning issue which condenses the consequences and ambiguities of our highly complex posmodern society that has become global, plural, insecure,liquid, mass-mediatic… In this new context identity appears not only as a theme but as a problem too. The return to a subjectivistic or communitarist substantive concept of identity brings into more problemsthan solutions. Each individual must steadily choose and reconstruct his identity. Transversality can bean appropiate candidate concept to define identity in the new sociocultural condition of ubiquitous pluralism without unity.