Studia Koszalińsko-Kołobrzeskie (Jan 2016)

Przygotowanie i przebieg I Synodu Diecezji Koszalińsko-Kołobrzeskiej

  • Łukasz Łukaszewicz

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 23


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The Diocesan Synod is a gathering of elected priests and lay faithful who are to help a bishop for the good of the particular Church. The only legislator at the Synod is a diocesan Bishop while the rest of its members have only an advisory vote. After all session, the diocesan Bishop makes the final editing of the Synod’s resolutions, signs them and orders their publication. Taking into consideration the indications of the Church law the first bishop of the Koszalin-Kolobrzeg (Kołobrzeg) Diocese, Ignacy Jeż made a decision on summoning a diocesan synod. The period of the Synod’s preparation fell in 1984–1985. The Synod began solemnly on 10 May, 1986 and ended on 9 December, 1989. It comprised of the work of the Synod committees, the work and meetings of the Main Committee occurring alternately, and the subsequent plenary sessions. All the work resulted in a statue book of the diocesan law promulgated by Bishop Ignacy Jeż in the last session of the Synod on 9 December, 1989.