Sans les mots : pédagogie de la prosodie sémantique en classe de FLE

Corela. 2016; DOI 10.4000/corela.4706


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Journal Title: Corela

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Publisher: Cercle linguistique du Centre et de l'Ouest - CerLICO

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Chantal Rittaud-Hutinet


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The aim is to propose to teachers of French as a Foreign Language some more ways to help their students to learn how to put prosodic features into practice. The objective is to enable students to learn an master at least a few of the vocal signs with which they can express different meanings, using the same words. In French, this skill is part of a savoir-faire that students must possess if they want to understand, and be understood by French speakers.In this purpose the paper : a) describes in detail some of the prosodic units and the pragmatic meanings that appear with them, with examples in sentences or only an interjection ; b) some (new) ideas for the what and how to teach vocal signs in the classroom.