Известия высших учебных заведений: Прикладная нелинейная динамика (Jan 2023)

Experiments on direct chaotic differentially coherent data transmission in a wired communication channel

  • Mokhseni, T. I.,
  • Petrosyan, Manvel Mher

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 31, no. 1
pp. 20 – 31


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Methods of differentially coherent information transmission using noise signals are of interest because of the impossibility of implementing the known methods of correlation reception for such signals. With a potentially higher noise immunity compared to the methods of information transmission based on chaotic synchronization, however, they have a feature that does not allow transceivers to be implemented in practice. The transmitter and receiver of the scheme, based on already known methods of differentially coherent transmission, require a time delay comparable to the duration of the transmitted bits. With an analog implementation of the scheme this leads to a physical length of the delay line of tens of meters or more. Previously, the authors proposed and studied a differentially coherent transmission scheme in which there are no long delays. In this scheme, the duration of delays in the transmitter and receiver is determined not by the duration of the bit, but by the decay time of the autocorrelation function of the chaotic signal. Purpose of this work is to experimentally demonstrate the possibility of physical implementation of a direct-chaotic differentially coherent information transmission scheme in a wired communication channel. Methods. For this, a layout of the communication scheme, transmitting a binary data stream in the frequency range from 200 to 500 MHz, was designed and assembled. The layout is an ultrawideband differentially coherent transmitter and receiver connected via a wired channel. Results of the experiment are in full agreement with the previously obtained results of the analytical evaluations, as well as with the data of computer simulation. Conclusion. In the course of the research, a transceiver layout of a differentially coherent ultra-wideband direct chaotic communication scheme was developed, designed and manufactured. For the first time, experiments on the transmission of digital information were carried out on it, and thereby the practical feasibility and operability of the proposed direct chaotic differentially coherent transmission scheme were proved.