New data on the history of medieval Armenian community in Kishlav basin. Settlements Bor-Kai and Sala

Материалы по археологии и истории античного и средневекового Крыма. 2008;(1):77-88


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Journal Title: Materialy po Arheologii i Istorii Antičnogo i Srednevekovogo Kryma

ISSN: 2219-8857 (Online)

Publisher: NvSU

LCC Subject Category: Auxiliary sciences of history: Archaeology

Country of publisher: Russian Federation

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A.M. Bayburtskiy


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So far from the Armenian antiquities in a hollow of Kishlav only churches Surb Sargis and Surb Urpat in Topolevka were studied in detail. Finds of the last years near villages Kurskoe and Grushevka allow to expand geography of medieval Armenian monuments in the region. This article is also devoted to a statement of results of their studying.