Ekonomiczne Problemy Usług (May 2018)

Basic aspects of the scope of the term “Internet addiction” – a content analysis study

  • Maria Kehayova-Stoycheva,
  • Julian Vasilev

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 131


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The purpose of this article is to define the term “Internet addiction” by defining associated terms with it and their dimensions that can be correctly applied in social research and to outline the scope of “Internet addiction”. The research is focused on scientific articles published in English language journals that address the problems of addiction to Internet, Internet dependency, problematic Internet use and other terms connected with Internet addiction. This study is focused on the approaches and starting positions defined by authors who have developed the scope of the basic concepts associated with Internet addiction. This study is a part of a comprehensive research project Regulation № 9 of the Ministry of Education and Science in the Republic of Bulgaria. This regulation supports scientific research at universities (NP – 155/2015). This study is based on content analysis. Mental maps are used to describe the meaning of “Internet addiction”. It has not only medical aspects but social ones. It is proved that the problematic internet use has certain negative effects in human behavior and social life