Postcards as a Source for Genealogical Studies [In Bulgarian]

Venec. 2011;2(3):324-373


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L. Uslowa


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The paper discusses the importance of postcards as a source for genealogical research. It reconstructs the most important events in the family history of Abraham Amirchanjanz by using the information contained in the postcards in the family archives, sent from Europe – Germany, Switzerland, Russia, Finland, Great Britain, Romania etc., in the period between the end of XIX and the beginning of XX century. Abraham Amirchanjanz, was a missionary who, together with his family, worked devotedly for saving the persecuted Armenians in Turkey and also played a key role in shaping the Christian Protestant Church in Varna, Bulgaria. The paper also views some aspects of the complex relations of Pastor Amirchanjanz with the German Orient Mission, revealed through the family correspondence.