La práctica gimnástica y el deporte, la cultura física y el cuerpo bello en la historia de las mujeres. Argentina 1900-1930

Historia Crítica. 2016;61:23-43 DOI 10.7440/histcrit61.2016.02


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Journal Title: Historia Crítica

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Publisher: Universidad de los Andes

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Gisela Paola Kaczan (Universidad Nacional de Mar del Plata-CONICET, Argentina)


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This article reflects on the relationship between physical culture and the female body during the first decades of the 20th century in Argentina. The objective is to show how different feminine sensitivities intersect in favor of the beautiful body, through the practices of gymnastics and sports. For this purpose, it explores the representations constructed through texts and iconography in the illustrated press regarding the experience of exercise among women. It concludes that the proposed relationship turns out to be a complex site of symbolic constructions in which medical-scientific visions intersect with habits and behaviors, rites of morality and virtue, aesthetic canons, imaginaries and social representations revolving around women.