Emerging Infectious Diseases (Apr 2015)

Candidate New Rotavirus Species in Sheltered Dogs, Hungary

  • Eszter Mihalov-Kovács,
  • Ákos Gellért,
  • Szilvia Marton,
  • Szilvia L. Farkas,
  • Enikő Fehér,
  • Miklós Oldal,
  • Ferenc Jakab,
  • Vito Martella,
  • Krisztián Bányai

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 21, no. 4
pp. 660 – 663


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We identified unusual rotavirus strains in fecal specimens from sheltered dogs in Hungary by viral metagenomics. The novel rotavirus species displayed limited genome sequence homology to representatives of the 8 rotavirus species, A–H, and qualifies as a candidate new rotavirus species that we tentatively named Rotavirus I.