Brazilian Journal of Oceanography (Jun 2015)

Bioindicator Thais carinifera (mollusca, gastropoda): imposex response and consequences along the Pakistan coast during the period from 1993 to 2012

  • Nuzhat Afsar,
  • Ghazala Siddiqui,
  • Zarrien Ayub

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 63, no. 2
pp. 115 – 124


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Abstract Endocrine mediated "imposex" phenomenon was investigated and recorded in the muricoid gastropod species Thais carinifera during the two decades from 1993 to 2012 at three (3) sites out of six (6) localities investigated along the Sindh and Balochistan coast, Pakistan. The VDS stages 1 to 4 were apparent in Thais carinifera. The intensity of imposex has remained comparatively low in the populations of harbours in close proximity to port Mohammad Bin-Qasim, namely; Old Korangi Fish Harbour (OKFH) and New Korangi Fish Harbour (NKFH) where shipping activities are sporadic as compared to those in Manora Channel and the adjoining Karachi Port area where intensive shipping activity is rather frequent. Target species found to be good bioindicators have shown a marked decrease over the prolonged study period. Investigations show that this decrease is solely due to globally imposed effective bans on tributyltin (TBT) based antifouling paints over the past decade.