Respiratory Research (2006-06-01)

Marked stem cell factor expression in the airways of lung transplant recipients

  • Frossard Nelly,
  • de Blay Frédéric,
  • Stern Marc,
  • Adda Mélanie,
  • Da Silva Carla A,
  • Israel-Biet Dominique

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 7, no. 1
p. 90


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Abstract Background Airways repair is critical to lung function following transplantation. We hypothesised that the stem cell factor (SCF) could play a role in this setting. Methods We studied 9 lung transplant recipients (LTx recipients) during their first year postgraft, and evaluated SCF mRNA expression in bronchial biopsy specimens using on-line fluorescent PCR and SCF protein levels in bronchoalveolar lavage (BAL) and serum using ELISA. The expression of SCF receptor Kit was assessed using immunostaining of paraffin-embedded bronchial sections. Results SCF mRNA was highly expressed during the early postgraft period [Month (M)1-M3] (300% increase vs controls: 356 vs 1.2 pg SCF/μg GAPDH cDNA, p p Conclusion SCF and Kit are expressed in bronchial biopsies from lung transplant recipients irrespective of the clinical status of the graft. A role for these factors in tissue repair following lung transplantation is hypothesised.