Food Science & Nutrition (2020-08-01)

Valorization of the green waste parts from sweet potato (Impoea batatas L.): Nutritional, phytochemical composition, and bioactivity evaluation

  • Jingyang Hong,
  • Taihua Mu,
  • Hongnan Sun,
  • Aurore Richel,
  • Christophe Blecker

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 8, no. 8
pp. 4086 – 4097


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Abstract In the present study, leaves from 13 sweet potato cultivars were collected as raw materials. The nutritional and functional composition, antioxidant activity, and sunscreen activity of different sweet potato leaf samples were determined, and the comprehensive nutritional quality was calculated by gray relational analysis. Results showed that the nutritional and functional components are significantly different between different cultivars. Tainong71 showed the highest comprehensive nutritional quality, followed by Fu22, Ningcai, Fu23, Ecai10, Zhecai726, Ecai1, Fu18, Pushu53, Guangcai5, Shulv1, Guangcai2, and Zhecai1. The antioxidant activity varied from 3.94 to 16.75 g Trolox equivalent/100 g dry weight. Pushu53 showed the highest sunscreen activity, with the sun protection factor 24.65. There was a positive correlation between antioxidant activity and sunscreen activity (r = .737, p = .004). In conclusion, sweet potato leaves possess high nutritional and functional properties, and have the huge potential to be used as green leafy vegetables and sunscreen agent.