Influence d'une supplémentation en antibiotiques sur les performances de poulets en croissance au Zaïre : comparaison avec l'effet dans les pays à climat tempéré

Tropicultura. 1989;7(3):87-89


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Journal Title: Tropicultura

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Country of publisher: Belgium

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Decuypere, E.
Van Isterdael, J.
Hermans, A.
Michels, H.


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Effect of antibiotic supplementation on growth performances in chickens in Zaire comparison with effects in temperate areas. The influence of different antibiotics, bacitracine (50 mg per kg), virginiamycine (20 mg per kg) and avoparcine (15 mg per kg) was tested on growth and feed conversion of chickens from a double purpose line under warm wet tropical conditions. In general, the beneficial effect of additives was much more pronounced in this experiment compared to data with identical doses of bacitracine and viriginiamycine in temperate areas. However this was hardly the case for avoparcine, indicating an interaction between the environment and the nature of antibiotic agent.