Управленческое консультирование (Jul 2021)

The Need for Regional Labor Markets for Mid-Level Specialists and the Priorities of Graduates of Secondary Vocational Education in Employment Issues

  • E. V. Lomteva,
  • L. Yu. Bedareva,
  • A. O. Polushkina

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 0, no. 5
pp. 122 – 129


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The article considers the problems of imbalance of supply and demand in regional labor markets, as well as the role of career guidance in choosing a profession. The article discloses the main management decisions for regulating reception targets, taking into account labor market requirements. The authors give examples of calculating the imbalance of supply and demand in personnel in regional labor markets using the example of the region’s need for mid-level medical workers. The article considers the aspects of employment of graduates of professional educational organizations, including labor migration and international experience. As a result of the study, the authors identified and formulated the general laws of labor migration of graduates of professional educational organizations and solutions to reduce the outflow of labor resources from the region. Separately, the authors examined the employment of graduates of the SVE (secondary vocational education) system in Moscow and St. Petersburg. The article was completed within the framework of the topic of the State Task of the RANEPA N 11.5 “Study of models for the transformation of regional systems of secondary vocational education and their need for resource support” for 2021.