Applied Sciences (Jan 2020)

A Radial-In-Plane Sensitivity Interferometer with Divergent Illumination for Displacement Measurement

  • Jorge R. Parra-Michel,
  • David Gutiérrez-Hernández,
  • Rafael Martínez-Peláez,
  • Marco A. Escobar

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 10, no. 3
p. 908


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An in-plane radial sensitivity interferometer that uses the divergent illumination for displacement measurement in the radial direction is presented. A description and mathematical model for calculating the sensitivity vector are also presented. The interferometer has two polarizing filters: a circular one and a linear one to implement the phase stepping technique. A measurement of the radial deformation by thermal expansion is performed over an aluminium plate in order to test the interferometer. The results indicate that the maximum contribution of the out-of-plane with respect to the radial-in-plane sensitivity vector is less than 3% and decreases by less than 1% when measurements are performed near the optical axis. The measurement is compared with the results obtained by a finite element analysis on a virtual specimen model.