Journal of Community Health Research (Jul 2021)

Investigating the effectiveness of group training based on reforming schema in improving individual and social health of mothers with parenting problems

  • Rzea Jafari Nodoushan,
  • vida sadat anoosheh,
  • Mahdieh Shafiezadeh Bafghi,
  • Mohammad Ali Barzegari,
  • Ali Jafari,
  • Hojat Damiri,
  • Azam Hosseini Hanzaei

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 10, no. 3
pp. 195 – 204


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Introduction: Due to the important role of the mothers in the families, identifying their early maladaptive schema can help us identify the problems that lead to unhealthy life education and provide the necessary and appropriate training programs to improve them. This study uses group training to reform schema in improving motherschr('39') individual and social mental health who consulted the social damage prevention center. The purpose of the study was to determine the effectiveness of reforming schema on a motherschr('39') problems. Methods: In this study, the quasi-experimental method was used. The study population was all the mothers who had parenting problems in the last two years and have consulted the social damage prevention center. Nonrandom sampling was used for our statistical census. Therefore, 100 mothers at hand were selected nonrandomly, and the General Health Questionnaire (GHQ) was conducted on them as a pre-test. Then, 24 mothers who obtained the lowest scores were randomly divided into two groups: experimental and control, in each of which there were 12 participants. The experimental group received training in 10 sections for 90 minutes, while the control group did not receive any training. Afterward, a post-test was conducted for each group, and the results of the two groups were compared. Results: A covariance analysis test was used to test the hyper hypotheses. The results showed a significant difference between the experimental and control groups in the individualchr('39')s mental health and social mental health variables (p < 0.001). Thus, hypotheses 1 and 2 were approved in our study. In other words, the comparison of the average in two variables after the post-test of experimental and control groups showed that mothers trained according to reforming schem, had better social and mental health. With approximately 90%, it can be said that the training based on reforming schema effectively increases the social and individual health of the mothers challenging with parenting problems.