Virtual and Physical Prototyping (Dec 2023)

Rapid vat photopolymerization through a superamphiphobic interface

  • Hao Wen,
  • Zhen Wang,
  • Mixue Tan,
  • Qingxuan Sui,
  • Shurong Xu,
  • Shoujing Mao,
  • Tianyi Xiao,
  • Quan Yuan,
  • Bo Yuan,
  • Ying Wu,
  • Jun Liu

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 18, no. 1


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Vat photopolymerization (VPP) is one of the convenient methods to create high-precision parts; however, due to the significant adhesion between the cured layer of the photopolymer resin and the release film, the currently prevalent VPP equipment is less productive and thus challenging in achieving production on a large scale. To tackle the issues above, a facile method is utilised to produce a transparent film capable of effectively resisting the photopolymer resin. Such film is achieved by incorporating micron-nanometre layered rough features and low surface energy materials onto the surface of quartz glass. It allows innovative applications in speedy VPP processes, achieving a printing speed of up to 323 mm/h in an LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) 3D printer while maintaining sound accuracy, exceptional durability and fair applicability, thanks to the features of the prepared film. The presented approach provides new perspectives into the production and application of VPP technology.