EPJ Web of Conferences (Jan 2017)

The mass spectrum of double heavy baryons in new potential quark models

  • Kovalenko Vladimir,
  • Puchkov Andrei

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 137
p. 13007


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A new approach to study the mass spectrum of double heavy baryons (QQ′q) containing strange and charmed quarks is proposed. It is based on the separation of variables in the Schrodinger equation in the prolate spheroidal coordinates. Two nonrelativistic potential models are considered. In the first model, the interaction potential of the quarks is the sum of the Coulomb and non-spherically symmetrical linear confinement potential. In the second model it is assumed that the quark confinement provided by a spherically symmetric harmonic oscillator potential. In both models the mass spectrum is calculated, and a comparison with previous results from other models is performed.