Sfera Politicii (2013-11-01)

A forgotten researcher: D.C. Georgescu

  • Florentina Ţone

Journal volume & issue
Vol. XXI, no. 175 (3)
pp. 56 – 69


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This paper deals with a paradox: the fact that today Dumitru C. Georgescu – the only researcher that took part in every monographic campaign organized by the sociologist Dimitrie Gusti in rural Romania, in 1920-1930 – is practically anonymous. Coming from the Faculty of Medicine (Bucharest), D.C. Georgescu played, in fact, an essential part in the shaping and development of Gusti’s theoretical perspective when it came to the „biological frame” of the village. In addition, he was the sole member of the biological team who left written traces of his participation in the campaigns: Georgescu published numerous studies on rural demography, rural morbidity, peasant households, nutrition habits of the peasantry.