The activity of the Cabinet of Ukrainian Art History of the All-Ukrainian Academy of Sciences

Granì. 2016;19(6(134)):40-47 DOI 10.15421/171618


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M. I. Sichka (Київський університет імені Бориса Грінченка)


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The article investigates development of the Cabinet of Ukrainian Art History in the All-Ukrainian Academy of Sciences (VUAN). The article highlights the contribution of O. P. Novytskyi and art-historians of Kyiv in the structural formation of VUAN’s units for art history study. This article particularly focuses on the consolidation of scientists around the Cabinet and the Chair of Ukrainian art in the early 1920s. Consequently, established place of the Cabinet of Ukrainian Art History in VUAN’s structure and its links with the arts section of Ukrainian Scientific Society in Kyiv (USS). Followed the stages of the Cabinet development and formation of its collection of scientific materials. As a result, studied that throughout its existence, the Cabinet had the following stages: 1) 1922-1924 – O. P. Novytskyi works in the Chair of the Ukrainian art in conjunction with Arts section former USS; 2) 1924-1929 – establishing of the Cabinet of Ukrainian Art History and formation of its subdivisions; 3) 1930-1933 – reorganization; 4) 1933-1934 – new wave of repression and suppression of the Cabinet after O. P. Novytskyi’s death. In article studied problem of dating of the beginning of the Cabinet and its liaison with the Chair of Ukrainian art of VUAN. Considered activity of structural subdivisions of the Cabinet: the Jewellery Commission, the group «Studio», the Museum of Ukrainian leaders and the Theatre Museum. The research highlights basic directions of studying art history in the Cabinet of Ukrainian Art History. Researched contribution of staff of the Cabinet to the development of scientific direction. The emphasis made on the contribution of the Cabinet in the training of young scientists in the field of Arts History in Kyiv. Moreover, considered influence of Soviet Government in to the work of the Cabinet. As a result of this research it was recognized that Cabinet besides collecting the materials was study and developed issues of the history of Ukrainian art «from ancient times to the present», including Shevchenko as an artist, history of architecture and music. Moreover, members of Cabinet prepared materials for encyclopedias, and dictionaries of Ukrainian art History, involved in the museum activity in Kyiv and Moscow, popularized Ukrainian art.