Open Ceramics (2021-06-01)

Preliminary investigation on silicon carbide whisker-modified cement-based composites

  • Yingjia Lan,
  • Tao Shi,
  • Yuanyuan Fu,
  • Yi Ke,
  • Bingmiao Zheng,
  • Yanming Liu,
  • Yujing Zhao

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 6
p. 100107


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Stable silicon carbide whisker (SiCw) dispersion was obtained and used for the preparation of SiCw-modified cement-based composites. Strength tests including compression test, flexural test, split tensile and “8” shape tensile tests were carried out on the composites. Fracture properties of the material were measured by the pre-notched three-point bending test based on digital image correlation (DIC) method. The microstructure of the SiCw-modified cement mortar was observed by SEM. The results showed that SiCw could obviously improve tensile strength of the cement-based material. The addition of SiCw significantly improved fracture toughness of the cement-based material, as there was a crack deflection of the materials occurring during crack growth.