Развитие образования (Jun 2021)

Assessment of the Level of Physical Fitness of Future Specialists of the Agro-Industrial Complex

  • Oksana A. Sbitneva

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 4, no. 2
pp. 69 – 73


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The article deals with the problems of the development of physical qualities, physical fitness of future specialists of the agro-industrial complex. The significance of physical activity on the level of physical fitness is revealed. The assessment of the level of health of students, the level of physical fitness is made. The features of the activity of specialists of the agro-industrial complex are considered. It is stated that successful professional activity of specialists requires from graduates theoretical knowledge, functional stability, physical fitness, professionally important mental qualities. The results of the control standards for the requirements of the university are analyzed. The article gives an assessment of the development of the main motor qualities. Research methods. In the course of the study, the results were analyzed. We used search, analysis, generalization of methodological literature; we used a survey, a method of control tests. The results of the study. According to the results of the survey to identify the level of health, a high indicator was recorded, having any deviations in the state of health of a permanent or temporary nature. When passing the control standards of the university, the level of development of physical qualities and physical fitness was revealed. It is concluded that the average level of development of speed, agility, and strength is recorded. Endurance and flexibility have a low level of physical development. Physical fitness is an indicator of the general condition, level of health, physical development, development of basic physical qualities.