American Journal of Preventive Cardiology (Jun 2021)

The Johns Hopkins Ciccarone Center's expanded ‘ABC's approach to highlight 2020 updates in cardiovascular disease prevention

  • David I. Feldman,
  • Katherine C. Wu,
  • Allison G. Hays,
  • Francoise A. Marvel,
  • Seth S. Martin,
  • Roger S. Blumenthal,
  • Garima Sharma

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 6
p. 100181


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In recent years, improvement in outcomes related to cardiovascular disease is in part due to the prioritization and progress of primary and secondary prevention efforts. The Johns Hopkins Ciccarone Center for the Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease expanded ‘ABC's approach is used to highlight key findings in Preventive Cardiology from 2020 and further emphasize the importance of cardiovascular prevention. This simplified approach helps clinicians focus on the most relevant and up to date recommendations for optimizing cardiovascular disease risk through accurate risk assessment and appropriate implementation of lifestyle, behavioral and pharmacologic interventions. While 2020 not only provided practice changing updates by way of clinical guidelines and randomized controlled trials on topics related to antithrombotic and lipid lowering therapy, diabetes management and risk assessment, it also provided promising data on how to improve dietary and exercise adherence and manage genetic risk. By providing clinicians with a systematic approach to cardiovascular prevention and key highlights from the prior year, the goal of significantly reducing the burden of cardiovascular disease worldwide can be achieved.