Nuclear Physics B (2017-10-01)

Unification of constant-roll inflation and dark energy with logarithmic R2-corrected and exponential F(R) gravity

  • S.D. Odintsov,
  • V.K. Oikonomou,
  • L. Sebastiani

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 923, no. C
pp. 608 – 632


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In this paper we investigate how to describe in a unified way a constant-roll inflationary era with a dark energy era, by using the theoretical framework of F(R) gravity. To this end, we introduce some classes of appropriately chosen F(R) gravity models, and we examine in detail how the unification of early and late-time acceleration eras can be achieved. We study in detail the inflationary era, and as we demonstrate it is possible to achieve a viable inflationary era, for which the spectral index of primordial curvature perturbations and the scalar-to-tensor ratio can be compatible with the latest observational data. In addition, the graceful exit issue is briefly discussed for a class of models. Finally, we discuss the dark energy oscillations issue, and we investigate which model from one of the classes we introduced, can produce oscillations with the smallest amplitude.