Derim (Jun 2020)

The effect of Phyllocoptruta oleivora (Ashmead) (Acari: Phyllocoptidae) on fruit quality of Valencia orange

  • Serdar SATAR,
  • Gülsevim TİRİNG,
  • Adnan TUSUN,
  • Turgut YEŞİLOĞLU

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 37, no. 1
pp. 44 – 50


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Phyllocoptruta oleivora (Ashmead) (Acari:Phyllocoptidae) is a serious pest of citrus in most humid regions of the world. This pest can cause losses in the yield and quality of fruit. In this study, the effect of the fruit quality traits of P. oleivora was inspected under the Adana ecological condition. For this reason, infested and non-infested fruit with P. oleivora was collected from Valencia orange trees. The collected fruits were classified according to presence and absence of damage of P. oleivora. The fruits were separated into four categories: 1. Normal, 2: Soft bronze, 3. Bronze and 4. Wide bronze. The classified fruits were detected in terms of fruit quality traits. As a result of this study, the fruit with localized and extensive surface bronzing had a lower juice volume, lower TSS/TA, lower rind thickness, higher total soluble solids (TSS), higher titratable acid (TA) than normal fruit. It was found that correlation coefficients of the number of carpel and fruit index were significantly lower than those of other fruit quality characteristics. Moreover, fourth category fruits as a result of intense population damage were 16% smaller than normal fruits and number of seed was detected as zero on the fruits.