Methodological Principles of Investigating Semantic Structure of Ukrainian Axionomens of the Danube Region

Journal of Danubian Studies and Research. 2015;5(2):229-236


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Journal Title: Journal of Danubian Studies and Research

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Publisher: Danubius University

Society/Institution: Danubius University

LCC Subject Category: Political science: International relations

Country of publisher: Romania

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Tetyana Soroka (Izmail State Liberal Arts University)


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The article is dedicated to the description of the procedure of axionomens’ formalized analysis. Matrix method of investigating words denoting spiritual values in the modern Ukrainian language is proposed. Matrix is defined to be a two-dimensional structure which replaces oversimplified notation systems used in componential analysis. Matrix enables a researcher to study all the interconnections between the related meanings of different lexical units as well as between different meanings of a specific lexical unit. It consists of two axes – a vertical one indicates a lexical stock and a horizontal one means a seme stock of the collected language material. The application of matrix method in practice proves that the structural organization of axiovocabulary considerably becomes complicated; internal mechanisms and dynamics of semantic cooperations of axionomens are revealed under the influence of extra-linguistic factors. Matrix presentation of non-material values gives an opportunity to describe in detail the structure of axionouns’ lexical meanings which are not in chaotic order, but clearly organized, to distinguish the degree of their related semantics, to expose the functional character of semes forming definite structures within the framework of analyzed words. The proposed methodology of researching the relations between lexico-semantic groups is considered to be perspective in studying all lexical sub-systems of the value paradigms of the English and French language societies.