The Impact of Culture on International Management: A Survey of Project Communications in Singapore

Construction Economics and Building. 2012;2(2) DOI 10.5130/AJCEB.v2i2.2899


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Journal Title: Construction Economics and Building

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Dun Tran (Queensland University of Technology)
Martin Skitmore (Queensland University of Technology)


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This paper provides the results of an exploratory survey of construction industry managersin Singapore to isolate some of the common effects of national and organisational culture,together with the personal characteristics of managers, on the efficacy of project communication.By examination of significant correlation coefficients, the various types of influencesare identified. The results of the research suggest that the managers’ attitude andbehaviours toward communication may be guided to large extent by their level of competence.The study also provides evidence to suggest that the individuals’ understanding ofthe communication process and its barriers, the way they behave with other individualsand expect to be treated, varies according to national cultures.